How to choose the right water for yourself?

Although the composition relevant to our health is written on the bottled water declaration, not all bottled waters are the same. 

If we are looking for a water that we can consume all day, without restrictions, then it is important to indicate on the declaration that the water is low on minerals, low sodium, has a good calcium and magnesium ratio and contains other macro and micronutrients. 


Low-mineral waters do not burden the organism, they are quickly absorbed, they help faster hydration and stimulate exchanges in the organism. The most important thing in the composition of water is that all elements and minerals act synergistically. Sodium in water should be in a low percentage because elevated sodium levels contribute to the formation of stones in the body, but also affect blood pressure.

„Calcium and magnesium should be in the ratio that is most desirable for our body – 2: 1 because so balanced they can act synergistically and affect all enzymatic reactions in the body, more precisely to be absorbed and affect muscles and bones. Because of this relationship, Aqua Gala water is recommended for consumption by both children and adults, as it encourages proper bone development and affects the proper functioning of the heart. Since it is low-mineral, Aqua Gala water can be consumed by pregnant women, babies and small children without worrying about restrictions on consumption.“ 

Does water have a shelf life? 

If you have paid attention to the expiration date imprinted on the bottle, you should know that it has nothing to do with the expiration date of the water itself, but with the packaging. The manufacturer guarantees that the plastic packaging is safe to drink up to that date. After the expiration date, it is more likely that the plastic will start releasing harmful substances into the contents of the bottle due to external factors, especially if it is exposed to a heat source, so it is not recommended to reuse already used bottles. Accordingly, some of the labels on the bottles to pay attention to are HDP (HDPE) and PP, based on which we know that these are “good” 

plastics that have a certificate for use in the food industry, which are safe for liquid consumption, but again remind for single use. The number of times a bottle can be used is stamped on the bottom of the bottle and on the pictogram label. 

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