How to read the mineral composition of water and why is it important?

The natural mineral water Aqua Gala comes from a spring in the vicinity of Mionica, located in the heart of Serbia, an untouched ecosystem known for its thermal springs with healing properties.  The Mionica spring, which was discovered at the end of the 18th century, provides water of the highest quality thanks to many years of natural filtration through layers of granite and limestone from the slopes of the Maljen mountain. The well from which Aqua Gala is pumped is located on the grounds of ​​the Mioni factory at a depth of 186 m.
„Aqua Gala belongs to the springs where people had no influence when the water basin was created and it is a real treasure because it is an untouched part of nature that is being exploited.“
Aqua Gala is declared as a natural mineral water and as such must not be treated with any chemical preparations before bottling, and can only be filtered from the source to the bottle.  Aqua Gala is bottled in pure, untouched nature, right at the source, so that none of its precious properties would be lost. Waters from this area belong to the waters of medium and low mineralization, up to 500 mg/l, which means that they can be consumed daily in unlimited quantities.  A PERFECTLY BALANCED COMPOSITION OF MINERALS  What contributes to the optimal functioning of the organism and physiological processes are the compounds containing an extremely characteristic chemical composition, i.e. minerals. The body needs them for various functions, for growth, development, energy, hemoglobin production, oxygen transport, building strong teeth and bones, proper functioning of the kidneys, muscles and nerves. Minerals make up 4.5% of our body weight, and each has its own specific function and is strongly interconnected. Some that are of great importance to us and our body are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which you can learn more about in the text below.  Sodium is an essential to the healthy functioning of the organism, but its excessive presence negatively affects the human organism and there should be under 150 mg/l of it in water. The only 14,4 mg/l of this mineral in Aqua Gala, is a major benefit of the quality of this water.  Potassium is another mineral that the body needs, and its excess adversely affects the human body, causing stress to the kidneys, and even the interruption of their regular funtion. Therefore, water with more than 12 mg/l potassium should not be consumed daily. Aqua Gala has a low potassium content of about 2 mg/l, which is extremely beneficial for the human body. Daily consumption of Aqua Gala water improves internal bodily functions, stimulates the immune, nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems and further strengthens the ability to regenerate the skin and body.  The most common element in our body is calcium, 99% of which is located in the bones and 1% in the soft tissue. Calcium plays a major role in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, protects us from a decline in immunity and contributes to the building of bones and teeth. It is important for muscle contractions, transmission of nervous signals, but also for the secretion of hormones and enzymes.  Magnesium also affects how we feel and how healthy we are. With a sufficient amount of magnesium, our mood stabilizes, we sleep better and we are more energetic. It is needed by the heart, nerves and muscles, and thus represents a great contribution to the normal functioning of metabolic processes in the body. It is also called an anti-stress mineral, and helps us in states of tension and nervousness in optimal amounts. Its recommended daily intake (RDI) is 300-400 mg and if it is exceeded, it negatively affects the body, blood pressure and digestion, so waters that have an increased content of this mineral must have a clearly marked RDI due to sensitive categories of consumers. 
„Aqua Gala has an ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium. This perfectly balanced mineral composition (62,1 mg/l calcium and 34 mg/l magnesium) is great for proper bone development in children, and in adults it is conducive to proper heart function, reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and replaces calcium lost with age, smoking and others. unhealthy habits. A higher amount of silicon d​ioxide of about 15,3 mg/l makes Aqua Gala water extremely good for blood vessels.“ 

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