Importance of choosing the right water for pregnant women and new mothers?

As we all already know, water is the single and most important substance on the planet and we cannot do without it. Life came into being in water, we start our day with it, we maintain our organism with it. Regardless of the period of life we ​​are in, we are aware of the importance of hydration and fluid intake for both the elderly and children, especially for their growth and development. Like a healthy diet, water is essential for the healthy growth of children. 

However, not all water is the same. Bottled waters differ in the ratio of macro and microelements, and it is extremely important that all elements work in synergy. As the most important balance, we emphasize the balance of calcium and magnesium and their ideal ratio of 2:1, and this ratio is great for the proper development of bones in children. Another quality of Aqua Gala water is its low sodium content, the excessive presence of which negatively affects the human body. 

„If you are wondering if there is a restriction in the daily intake of Aqua Gala water in children, we have good news. Aqua Gala contains enough minerals necessary for good daily functioning of the body, but it is also a low-mineral water, which is of special importance, because only low-mineral water can be consumed by adults, children and even pregnant women in unlimited quantities.“ 


Although water is necessary for all ages, special importance and attention should be paid to new mothers and pregnant women, where water plays an important and significant role in the growth of the baby, since it contributes to its good hydration and nutrient supply. 

Due to all the changes that take place in the bodies of pregnant women, water consumption alleviates most of the symptoms of other conditions, both mental and physical. If you drink enough water, your face stays hydrated and fresh, and your skin soft and glossy. Aqua Gala is low mineral and naturally rich in beauty minerals, which makes it the unique water in our area. Daily intake of silicon dioxide improves internal bodily functions, stimulates the immune system and additionally strengthens the internal ratio of minerals necessary for skin and body flexibility. 

After giving birth, it is extremely important for mothers to dedicate themselves to a healthy lifestyle, a regulated diet, and the intake of sufficient amounts of water. Water, by stimulating the production of milk and influencing its quality, is an essential factor in the baby’s diet. For that reason, it is necessary to take it during breastfeeding in order for your child to develop normally and grow healthily. 

Aqua Gala is bottled in pure, untouched nature, right at the source, so that none of its valuable properties would be lost, ie so that magnesium plays its role in biological reactions, and calcium enables the transmission of nerve impulses and control of muscle contractions. 

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