Is there a relationship between water and skin hydration?


Do you know how important it is to hydrate the skin and how much water helps us with that? In addition to being necessary for the functioning of our body, since our body is made up of 70% water, it is also extremely important for our skin. 

The skin, as our largest organ, performs many important functions, including the regulation of body temperature, elimination of toxins, as well as protection that keeps all harmful microorganisms from entering our body. If it is not hydrated enough, it will become dry, stiff and flaky. As a result, the skin becomes less elastic, more prone to wrinkles and in some situations red, irritated, causing itching and pain. When hydrated, it becomes softer, shinier and more elastic.

„The mineral of beauty, silicon dioxide, which we ingest through the consumption of Aqua Gala water, directly affects the quality of the skin. Silicon dioxide participates in the formation of collagen and elastin proteins that give the skin elasticity, fullness and firmness. One of its basic functions is to slow down aging and rejuvenate the whole body. Although there are different skin types, hydration is equally important for all and is a prerequisite for healthy skin.“ 

In addition to the naturally dry skin type, there are other factors that affect its inelasticity, including insufficient water consumption, dry air, change of seasons, irritations from the environment, as well as excessive exposure to sunlight. The skin remembers and suffers, and as we age, it begins to manifest everything we have not thought about before, among which is the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to treat the skin with an increased dose of hydration over the years. 

When we hydrate and treat the skin in the right way, we contribute to a much brighter, healthier and more elastic look. Also, hydration contributes to the reduction of moisture, so our face becomes less oily because it produces less oil. The level of moisture in your skin plays a huge role in the way it looks. If the skin is oily, people with acne can get worse, just because the skin is not hydrated, and therefore produces more facial oil. Adequate hydration really helps by giving the skin a brighter look that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One of the biggest benefits of maintaining hydrated skin is the fact that it actually prevents the skin from becoming “older”. When our skin is not well hydrated, wrinkles become more pronounced. 



In addition to surface hydration, it is extremely important to prevent the loss of moisture by building a protective barrier. The barrier we build consists of two layers of healthy bacteria that protect our skin from external influences. Since the first step towards healthy and beautiful skin is hydration, which is important both inside and out, in the text below you can find a few tips on how to apply it. 

In order to keep our skin clean and healthy, the first and most important thing is to consume enough water every day to keep the skin soft and hydrated. Doctors believe that 2 liters, i.e. 8 glasses a day, is the approximate and minimum amount that should be consumed, but since we are not all the same age, the same constitution, sex and build, it is necessary to calculate how much water we need to take into our body. When we multiply our body weight with 0.3 dl of water, we will get the optimal, individual amount that our body needs in order to stay hydrated. 

In addition to water, which is indispensable, it is also recommended to consume fruits and vegetables that are composed of vitamins and minerals that keep our skin healthy and protected. Although you drink a sufficient amount of water, your body and face need additional moisture, i.e. it is necessary to include some effective products for their care in your routine. 

Water plays many roles, some of which are solving skin irritations, cleansing the body, as well as hydrating the skin. Aqua Gala is naturally rich in beauty minerals, which makes it unique because its daily intake enhances internal bodily functions, forms collagen and elastin proteins that give the skin elasticity, fullness and firmness, and further strengthens the internal relationship of minerals necessary for skin and body regeneration and flexibility 



Although we are aware of all the benefits that water brings, its healthy effect, as well as its importance for our body, for many it is a great challenge to consume the optimal amount on a daily basis. Therefore, we have selected a couple of tips to make it as easy as possible to incorporate it into your healthy, daily routine. 

  1. Set a daily goal – If we set a measurable goal, then we set a challenge that motivates us to achieve that goal. Setting a daily goal can contribute to more positive and lasting changes. By following and noticing visible progress, we will feel better and more motivated for each passing day. 
  2. Replace soft drinks with water. Your body and organism will be grateful when instead of drinks full of sugar, they feel the right dose of minerals. 
  3. Drink a glass of water before every meal – When you think you are hungry, it is very possible that you actually feel thirsty. You will increase your water intake if you drink at least one glass before each meal. Three meals, already three glasses of water. Isn’t it easy? 
  4. Mix water with the flavors you like – If you are not a water lover, this is the right way to drink it without feeling like you are drinking another beverage. Add whatever you like to the water, a slice of fruit, mint leaves, ginger or anything that will contribute to the taste of the water. 
  5. Drink more herbal tea – If water is not part of your daily routine, replace it with some herbal tea. Depending on the plant you take, and the water you choose, tea can provide many health benefits, good taste, and hydration of the body. 
  6. Mark the time on your bottle – You can write the time on the bottle itself to remind you when to drink a certain amount of water. You can also write words of support to motivate yourself. 
  7. Set a reminder on your phone – Since most of us spend our free time on mobile phones, use them as a reminder to do something useful and healthy. 
  8. Use apps – Take advantage of modern technology and download apps to monitor your water intake throughout the day. 

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