Aqua Gala


Have you ever wondered what is the key to healthy skin, hair and nails? 

Benefits of Aqua Gala

Getting enough water helps us stay hydrated and healthy, and the mineral composition of Aqua Gala water gives our body much more!   Special in that it contains a high proportion of the mineral silicon dioxide, known in the world as the Beauty Mineral. This Beauty Mineral is special because it directly affects the elasticity of collagen, the quality of skin, hair and nails, and one of its basic functions is slowing down aging and rejuvenating the whole body. The intake of Beauty Minerals is easiest and fastest through water, as it is very rarely found naturally in still waters, it makes Aqua Gala unique, but also completely natural.   Aqua Gala has an ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium, which is excellent for proper bone development in children, and in adults it ensures proper heart function, reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and replaces calcium that is lost with age, smoking and other unhealthy habits.   Low sodium content is a further benefit of Aqua Gala.   Aqua Gala contains enough minerals necessary for good daily functioning of the organism, but it also belongs to unis mineral waters, which is of special importance, because only low-mineral waters can be consumed by adults, children and even pregnant women in unlimited quantities. 

Quality certificate

Aqua Gala water quality is regularly monitored in domestic laboratories. The Public Health Institute Valjevo, the City Public Health Institute Belgrade and the accredited laboratory of the company Knjaz Milos regularly control all quality parameters, and in the Mioni factory that bottles Aqua Gala, testing is done on a daily basis. In addition to these certificates, Mioni is regularly IFS quality certified by the world’s company for control, verification, testing and certification RINA, and we are proud of the high rating of over 95% that we have maintained for years. 

The spring  

Untouched nature has given Aqua Gala all of its exceptional properties. The exquisite natural mineral water Aqua Gala comes from a spring in the vicinity of Mionica, located in the heart of Serbia, an untouched ecosystem known for its thermal springs with healing properties. The Mionica spring, which was discovered at the end of the 18th century, provides water of the highest quality thanks to many years of natural filtration through layers of granite and limestone from the slopes of Maljen mountain. Aqua Gala is pumped from a depth of 186 meters, so there is no need for additional filtration or chemical processes. Aqua Gala is bottled in pure, untouched nature, right at the source, so that none of its precious properties would be lost. Waters from this area are characterized by their medium and low mineralization, up to 500 mg / l, so they can be consumed daily in unlimited quantities. With this in mind, you can be sure that you can consume Aqua Gala water on all occasions and that it is suitable for all your activities, and for the whole family.